Ready. Set. WAIT!

I was all ready to start!  The first book has been chosen (actually, the first 4), and a first post was started.  And then…chaos ensued in my little brain.  Rule # 2 of this adventure demands that I do all the exercises in all the books, BUT HOW CAN I DO THE EXERCISES WITHOUT A NOTEBOOK?  Or several.  I was off the sofa with my coat and keys in my hand, ready to run to the nearest purveyor of fine writing materials (or the corner store…they might have notebooks), when I remembered that I have a couple of old journals and Moleskines that I’ve only used a few pages from. Ok…the exact number is 27. It turns out I do not need to purchase a new notebook. Crisis averted.

So this isn’t really a post. It’s more of a prologue.  Now that my heart rate has returned to normal, pens and notebooks have been located, the nuts and bolts of the blog have been more or less put together (that took forever), I can share with you the plan.  It’s quite simple, really.  I’m going to read some self-help books, blog about them, do the exercises, and blog about it!  Easy peasy (I say, while frantically looking around thinking, “What the hell am I doing?”).

Here are the rules I’ll follow, which pave the way for my adventures in Self-Help Land:

  1. Read each book from cover to cover — if it wasn’t important, the author wouldn’t have said it.
  2. Do all exercises — but, like really do them. Go deep within myself, be uncomfortable, be…vulnerable (ew).
  3. Blog about the books and my experiences with the exercises — I won’t promise to post the deepest, darkest secrets, but you’ll get a good sampling,
  4. Put what I learn into practice and blog about that, too.
  5. Change my life.

With the rules established, the blog set up, and my beautiful notebooks ready, let’s begin this journey!

Next Time: You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero.


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